Xiaomi redmi note 9s / 9 pro review



The Redmi chú ý 9S (or Redmi chú ý 9 Pro, if you prefer, because the two are identical) is an excellent điện thoại cảm ứng and there is no doubt about that at the end of our review. It offers great performance, a large screen, & a good variety of cameras and shooting modes. & typical for the Redmi Notes, this one also excels in battery life.

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The note 9S costs just €229 in Europe, while its 128GB model is sold for €269. & these will surely seal the khuyễn mãi giảm giá for many, especially if you are a tín đồ of MIUI. But before you hit the Buy button, let"s see what else is on the market today.

The competition

The Realme 6 & 6 Pro (where available) are what the Redmi chú ý 9S should be afraid of. The Realme 6 costs exactly €229, but tops the Redmi with a 90Hz display, a 64MP main camera, và much faster charging. If the Realme 6 Pro is available in your region, then for some extra $50 you can địa chỉ a proper telephoto cam on the back và an extra ultrawide selfie camera within a pill-shaped notch.

Xiaomi does offer high refresh rate screens on the budget as part of the Redmi K30. The Redmi K30 has an even more impressive display than the Realme"s, with a 120Hz refresh rate. Other than that - it runs on the Snapdragon 730G chip & has a familiar quad-camera on the back (64/8/2/2). Currently, the Redmi K30 has very limited availability, but if you can find it và it costs just $30 or so on top of the chú ý 9S, then why not?

If an AMOLED screen is a must, maybe look at the Galaxy A51. It has a large 1080p Super AMOLED, with capable enough Exynos 9611 chip và a similar quad-camera on the back. One UI 2 is quite snappy on this one, too.

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Realme 6 Pro • Realme 6 • mi Redmi K30 • Samsung Galaxy A51

The verdict

The Redmi note 9S offers more than enough bang for its buck, but we expected nothing less from a Redmi phone anyway. Is it the best within its price bracket? It is debatable. Realme bởi vì offer a smoother OS experience with its 90Hz screen on the Realme 6 and this maybe a tipping point.


But the Redmi chú ý 9S excels in everything it promises it will, and while it cannot show us the smoothest of MIUIs, it surely impresses with HDR10 skills, a meaningful macro camera, & battery autonomy. These are more than enough by our books and the Redmi lưu ý 9S a phone we can easily recommend.


Beautiful Gorilla Glass 5 body, splash resistance Large & bright LCD screen, HDR10 support Remarkable battery life Top-notch performance for this class Good photo & video unique for the class Latest Android và MIUI


Realme offers 90Hz display for the same cash The uneven backlight around the notch is an eyesore The charging speed could have been faster No NFC

Special thanks khổng lồ GearBest for providing the review unit.

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