The best usb

Unravel the tangled world of cords và find the ones you need to charge your gadgets & transfer data.

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The humble cable is often the simplest và fastest way to lớn charge your devices or move files from one device khổng lồ another. But these ostensibly straightforward power and data conduits come in many shapes and sizes. Even cables that appear identical may perform differently when you plug them into your phone or laptop. Various connectors, specifications, charging rates, và data-transfer speeds make for a confusing, messy scene.

Don't worry. We dived into the dreaded box of cables, identified the ones you need for different scenarios, và untangled them, ready for use. You'll find some advice here on USB-C, Lightning, và MicroUSB connectors, as well as a primer on everything you need khổng lồ know about cables. After all, we're

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Cable Advice

Tips & Tricks
Cables are usually included in the box for whatever device you purchase. These are capable of charging the device at the maximum rate. Keep it safe, keep it simple, and if it is unmarked, consider labeling it.

Check your device's standards. Look for a cable that matches your needs. For example, if your device supports power Delivery, then get a PD cable. Remember: the charging adapter also must tư vấn the same standards. We have more details about standards at the bottom of this guide.

You can use USB-C for displays. Manufacturers will state the data transfer tốc độ or list support for 4K or 8K đoạn clip on select cables. That means you can just use a USB-C khổng lồ USB-C cable lớn transmit clip from your máy tính to your monitor. You should consider DisplayPort alt Mode (DP alternative text Mode) tư vấn as this enables you to lớn hook up displays and video clip sources that support DisplayPort. We plan to test USB-C video clip cables for a future update.

It is safe to use your phone while it is charging, but it will charge at a slower rate. Heat is also bad for battery health, so it is best to take a break when your phone feels warm.

Poorly made cables can overheat & start fires. Lớn boost your chances of buying a dependable cable, look for USB-IF certification or stick to lớn trustworthy brands lượt thích Anker, Cable Matters, or Syncwire.