Emma stone and ryan gosling’s ‘la la land’ gets rave reviews in venice

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“La La Land,” a musical romance starring Ryan Gosling
and Emma Stone, debuted khổng lồ sustained applause at the Venice Film Festival Wednesday.

The film is the third feature-length movie written & directed by Damien Chazelle, the Rhode Island native and Harvard grad who filmed his first movie, “Guy & Madeline on a Park Bench,” in Boston at the age of 24. (Globe critic Ty Burr called the musical “a gritty, no-budget love letter khổng lồ Beantown.”)

Chazelle’s second film was “Whiplash,” which won three Oscars. (J.K. Simmons won best supporting actor at both the Oscars và Golden Globes for his role as a psychotic music instructor who makes life miserable for a star pupil, played by Miles Teller.)

Sounds lượt thích “La La Land” is a good follow to Chazelle’s last hit. Critics who saw the movie in Venice on Wednesday came away impressed. The Guardian called it “wonderfully sweet and sad,” a “sun-drenched musical masterpiece,” and Variety says “La La Land” is a “voluptuous high chú ý of retro glamour and style.” The only bad news is that the movie won’t be released here until December.

LA LA LAND is sensational. Jacques Demy for the digital age, Singin" in the Rain for the gap between romance & reality. 1st shot = all-timer

— david ehrlich (

La La Land: I"m honestly crying with happiness. That film no-one makes any more? Damien Chazelle just made it. #Venezia73

— Robbie Collin (

Early La La Land đánh giá suggest Oscars may beckon: "A movie worth savouring’ https://t.co/Ha5j01vIsh pic.twitter.com/3f7vTL3PBR