Unlock samsung galaxy note 4 with forgotten password or pattern lock


Factory resetting an app android device allows you to lớn give a fresh và new boost to lớn the performance of your device. You will want to vày this every few months to lớn ensure your phone works at an optimum cấp độ of performance. If your chú ý 4 has become sluggish, you may want to lớn factory reset lưu ý 4 khổng lồ bring it back lớn its full speeds.

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It is actually pretty easy khổng lồ perform a chú ý 4 factory reset procedure as there are several ways to bởi it. That means you are not stuck to lớn using a single method lớn factory reset Samsung note 4 và you can use any method from the available methods to vì chưng the task.

If you are used to lớn the Settings app on your device, it is the most easiest way lớn reset your device. But if you are not used to lớn it, you vì chưng not need to lớn worry as you have a hardware method as well khổng lồ reset your device.

Factory Reset lưu ý 4 from the Settings Menu

In this section of the guide, we cover how lớn factory reset lưu ý 4 using the Settings thực đơn on your device. The Settings menu lets you perform a number of tasks on your device including the ability khổng lồ let you reset your phone.

While you are on the home screen of your note 4, tap on the option that says Apps to mở cửa your phone"s tiện ích drawer.

When the ứng dụng drawer opens, look for the phầm mềm named Settings and tap on it to mở cửa it. It will mở cửa your settings menu.

When the tiện ích opens, scroll down until you find the option that says General management. Tap on it when you find it.

You will see various options on the following screen. Find and tap on the one that says Reset as all the reset options are inside it.

Since what you want to do is factory reset Galaxy lưu ý 4, tap on the option that says Factory data reset và it will let you bởi it.

On the following screen, scroll all the way down and tap on the option that says Reset to reset your device.

Tap on the Delete All button on the following screen to lớn confirm you want to lớn delete all the data on your device.

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Enter the details for your Samsung account & tap on Confirm.

Your Samsung note 4 factory reset should now be done. You will need khổng lồ reconfigure your device from scratch.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 4 with Hardware Keys

If you vị not want lớn use the Settings tiện ích to factory reset your device, you can use this method that only requires pressing the hardware buttons on your device.

Power off your device using the power button.Press & hold down the Volume Up, Home, & Power buttons at the same time. You will reboot into the recovery mode.

When the recovery mode opens, select the option that says Wipe data/factory reset using the physical buttons on your phone.

Select Yes on the following screen khổng lồ factory reset your device.When your device is formatted, select the reboot system now option khổng lồ reboot your device in the normal mode.That is how you vì chưng a Galaxy lưu ý 4 factory reset using the physical buttons.

Factory Reset Galaxy cảnh báo 4 without Password from Lock Screen

Another possibility that you want to factory reset your Samsung lưu ý 4 is that you have forgotten your passcode và cannot get behind the lock screen. But bởi vì a factory reset will loss all the data. And there is no mặc định option that lets you bởi vì it but you have a third-party software that should help you vày the task.

Enter losingravidos.com 4uKey for Android, a software that enables you lớn remove the screen lock when you cannot access the device. It helps bypass the lock screen of your cảnh báo 4 without data loss.

Unlock android passcode, fingerprint, & even pattern locks.Remove a Google account from your Samsung device without passwordFactory reset android phone/tablet without passwordQuickly unlock early Samsung devices including lưu ý 4/5 without data lossSupport the latest android OS và most android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S21+, S21
Remove Screen LockChoose Remove Screen Lock without Data Loss và click on Start on the following screen khổng lồ continue.

StartChoose and confirm the correct device model and name. After that, the program will downlod the data package.

Confirm lớn Unlock ScreenThen you have to lớn put your phone into downlode mode in 3 steps. Click on Start to continue.

Enter download modeWait while the software unlocks your phone. You should see the following when it finishes.