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In 1976 singer/songwriter Billy Joel, released the album entitled Turnstiles & on the album was new york State of Mind. Although it was initially unpopular, it quickly became a tín đồ favorite & a regular part of Joel’s on stage performances. Thủ đô new york has always been, and arguably always will be, an incredible đô thị that never sleeps while holding out hope for dreamers who aspire lớn reach bigger and better things. But what is the new york State of Mind, and what does it mean to have an Empire State of Mind? What is it about this thành phố that transforms the mind, body, và soul so deeply?

What does it mean lớn be a New Yorker?

Ah New York, a thành phố full of dazzling lights, incredible food, và the most self-assured people in the world. Either adored or completely loathed, new york is a place where there is no middle ground. You either are or aren’t from here, & you either bởi or don’t lượt thích it here. But for the sake of argument, our personal preference for new york is nothing short of fabulous. We love everything about this city. From the way you can get a delicious meal on nearly every corner, to lớn being able to walk wherever you need khổng lồ go, there really is no other place quite lượt thích New York.

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What makes thành phố new york really great, however, are the people. As a melting pot of cultures from all over the world, thủ đô new york redefines what it means to be an American. Immigrants from every corner of the globe make their way lớn the Big táo bị cắn to live out their dreams và experience what it means to be a New Yorker. Living in this thành phố isn’t easy, & no one ever said it would be. In fact, before even stepping foot here people are warned about how difficult it is to make it, và they aren’t lying! From the price of living to the ultra competitive job market, living in NYC isn’t all fun và games. It is this that"s why they say "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere".

The difficulties and struggles are in a way what makes the đô thị great. It takes a certain frame of mind & attitude khổng lồ push through adversity và rise above it. You can’t be a wuss & live here. We have all worked hard to lớn get khổng lồ where we are, and we don’t mind putting in overtime lớn reach our dreams. That is what it means khổng lồ be a New Yorker.

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What defines the Empire State of Mind?

The Empire State of Mind is defined by the ability to lớn make our own rules. We don’t follow social ‘norms’. In fact, more often than not we create social norms for the rest of the country to follow, especially when it comes lớn style and fashion.Of course, we could also argue that New Yorkers don’t really lượt thích to be defined by any ‘attitude’, particularly by people who aren’t from here. But alas, we are our own breed, and we vì chưng have a tendency to rub off on each other.

The Empire State of Mind is easy to lớn spot if you are from New York. In general, we adhere to the following ideas and attitudes:

Nothing can stop us from doing what we really want to do. We relish in the struggle, fight, and determination in everyday life. Step up, speed up, or get out of our way!To the point and not willing to lớn wait around for someone to vày something we know we could bởi better. Jay walk. An inability to lớn give a care about when streetlights và signs say it is ‘safe’ to lớn cross the street. Some Cabs also don’t follow these laws, so keep your head up.No fear!Saying what you want, when you want khổng lồ say it, how you want to lớn say it.

We Love New York, & We’d Have it No Other Way!

So many people come to thủ đô new york and experience culture shock because they never imagined how different it would be from their own home. But it is. There is no other place in the world lượt thích New York. It is the one place in the world that no matter where you come from, you can still be yourself. The character, the energy, fast paced, motivated, determined, and maybe even a little bit pushy, but hey we love it that way.

When people start talking about changing thủ đô new york City for the ‘better’ we laugh in agreement on how so many things can be better, but deep down we feel lucky và proud khổng lồ be living in such dynamic city that has so much to lớn offer. Incredible food, world-famous art, the best live shows in the world, & people with more heart and soul than anywhere else are what define this absurdly awesome city. & that is the Empire State of Mind.