Fantasy park bà nà hills


During our first three-month trip to lớn Vietnam, one question plagued us for our entire trip. “Are you going khổng lồ that new giant hand bridge?” The Golden Bridge in Sun World bố Na Hills had just opened in June of 2018 & photos of those giant, ancient-looking hands were flooding people’s social truyền thông media feeds. Everyone wanted lớn know if it was on our Vietnam itinerary!

We weren’t planning on going. We read that it was a part of a strange theme park which made us not really even want to go. But we felt lượt thích we couldn’t NOT go because of all the hype.

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And in attempting to lớn plan a visit to lớn Sun World tía Na Hills, we had an incredibly difficult time finding any relevant information. We were so confused about even what kind of place we were going to và what to expect when we got there. I’m a bit sad to report that after spending an entire day at tía Na Hills, I’m still pretty confused about the entire experience.

I’ve pieced together all of the information I could gather about Sun World ba Na Hills (other than the hours, those remain a bit of a mystery). I’ll bởi vì my best to lớn explain what you should expect during your visit to lớn this bizarre adult theme park. Enjoy!

Book a Tour lớn Sun World cha Na Hills

While it is possible lớn visit Sun World tía Na Hills on your own, to do so you’ll either need to lớn drive yourself about an hour each way on a motorbike or hire a private driver to lớn take you there, wait on you all day và bring your back.

We generally avoid group tours, but in this case, booking a day trip is likely the easiest và most affordable way to visit Sun World ba Na Hills

Book a Tour from Hoi An

Book a Tour from domain authority Nang

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The base of the cable car that will take you to Sun World is located about 26 miles west of domain authority Nang’s đô thị center. It should take you about 45 minutes by car or motorbike. There are several ways lớn get there – rent a motorbike, hire a driver, take a shuttle, or join a tour.

If you rent a motorbike, expect khổng lồ spend about 150,000 VND for a 24-hour rental period. If you are not used to lớn driving a motorbike in SE Asian traffic, this might not be the best option for you. A good bit of the drive will be navigating the busy city streets of domain authority Nang. Motorbike parking is free.

If you hire a driver, they will drive you to Sun World, wait for you, and then drive you back to lớn your hotel. Get their phone number in case you finish early or need lớn stay past your agreed-upon time. Expect to pay between 500,000 & 900,000 VND for the oto (we were quoted 700,000). This may not be the best option for you if you plan on staying all day long as we did.

If you choose lớn book a shuttle or a group tour, those can be arranged at any tourist agency in town. Keep in mind that your group will show up at the same time as every other group so expect khổng lồ battle the crowds.