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I can hardly contain my excitement over my newest sản phẩm discovery– Cure Natural Aqua Gel, a gel exfoliator from japan that I ordered from Amazon. A bottle of Cure Natural Aqua Gel sells EVERY 12 SECONDS in Japan. Currently the #1 seller in the “facial exfoliator” category on Amazon, this miracle goo has a devout following & thousands of over-the-top, glowing reviews. I’m obsessed with skincare, especially Asian skincare, so why had I not heard of this stuff before?? Read all the details in my Cure Natural Aqua Gel review…

I discovered Cure Natural Aqua Gel when I had dinner with a group of bloggers and beauty industry insiders, và the conversation turned to lớn hidden gem beauty products available on Amazon. I divulged a secret beauty steal: I order my fave GlamGlow YouthMud & ThirstyMud from Amazon for $30 cheaper than you can find at Sephora (and yes, it is a genuine product from a totally legit seller). Several girls discussed an Asian cult favorite, Baby Foot, which makes the dead skin shed off your feet like a molting snake (ew, but true). Và one girl said, “OMG you totally have lớn try this Cure stuff, it is the most amazing gel mask/exfoliator thing I have ever tried!” So I did a little research on my own, and then ordered.

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I will mô tả my own impressions, but I found this Amazon đánh giá to be extremely thorough và hilarious (excerpted below):

Cure "Natural" Aqua Gel is a cloudy clear color, và the consistency is that of jello when you take it out of the fridge too early. The sản phẩm claims lớn be 90% water; if this is to lớn be believed, I can only assume that the remaining 10% is voodoo magic.I pumped some into my hand và rubbed it on my face; it"s unremarkable at first. There"s no lather, no cooling or warming sensation, và no little gritty bits scratching your face, as there is in exfoliating scrubs. I"m standing there in the mirror, massaging this smooth, watery goop into my face for about fifteen seconds wondering: "What did I just spend 30 dollars on?". Then it happens.As I mát xa the gel in circles on my face, suddenly that smooth feeling under my fingers starts lớn get a bit... Gritty. I squeeze a bit more gel on my hands và continue, thinking maybe the gel is coagulating or something. The gritty feeling intensifies, & begins lớn feel more lượt thích i"m massaging rice into my face, and upon leaning closer into the mirror, I have lớn keep myself from screaming. It"s skin. Oh god. THERE"S SKIN EVERYWHERE. I felt like a cicada shedding it"s exoskeleton; there was balls of dead skin covering every inch of my face & hands. It"s lượt thích when you were a kid & got craft glue on your hands, và got it off by rubbing them together. Except it"s skin, và it"s on your face...After rinsing và drying my face, it looked lượt thích I just took off a mask; my face was clear, vibrant, soft, & squeaky clean...I"ve decided i"ll always have a bottle of this.



This is seriously the best exfoliator I’ve ever found– better than Clarisonic, & definitely better than harsh physical scrubs. The way Cure Natural Aqua Gel leaves my skin so soft and removes dead skin I didn’t know I had is unparalleled. The directions (translated from Japanese) advise lớn use Cure Natural Aqua Gel twice a week, but applying Cure is so satisfying that I eagerly await my designated application day like it is Christmas morning. I find myself making excuses khổng lồ use it more frequently–“I know I just used it yesterday, but I have this little dry skin area on my nose so I’ll just vì chưng a spot application…” I want khổng lồ buy another two bottles so I can bathe my whole body in it before I book my next spray tan on the BeautyNow app. I have no idea what chemical is in there that is so effective at removing dead skin, yet is so gentle. But I guarantee you that unless this secret sauce is patented, we will soon see fancy skincare companies lượt thích SK-II and La Prairie selling this stuff in tiny tubes for $250. With Cure, you get a generous, face wash size bottle of Cure for $30.

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Bottom line: Cure Natural Aqua Gel is the most innovative, impressive skincare hàng hóa I have come across in recent memory. Trust me, you need this in your life.



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7 Responses khổng lồ “The Best Exfoliator You’ve Never Heard Of”

Karla says:

Correct me if i’m wrong, not trying to lớn disprove anything here, but i tried something similar on a deluxe sample at sephora. It was Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel. I thought it was amazing at first, but one week i decided to use it continuously for 4 days và i always got the same amount of ‘dead skin’ out of my face, & i thought khổng lồ myself, there’s no way this much skin comes off when i have done this 4 days in a row, but it did. So it got me thinking, what if this isn’t skin i’m gunking out of my face, what if it’s just the product that ‘balls up’ like that when it gets rub-activated? See what i’m getting to? I don’t know, it’s just too good khổng lồ be true (i think). I haven’t seen any scientific debunking claims on these kind of products, but have you seen or heard of anything lượt thích it? Now, Cure is not the same as the PTR peeling gel, but sounds lượt thích a similar sản phẩm so i wondered if they use the same method that i’m conspiracy-ing on. This sounds just too good to lớn be true. I hope you can find something to back this claim. Please let me know if you do. Thank you.

Hikaru29 says:
March 11, 2017 at 1:10 am

Those are definitely not all skin because you can’t be shedding so much skin all at once unless you’re using a very harsh peel but peeling gel is supposed to lớn be very gentle. How peeling gel works is that the ingredients are made such that it balls up when mixed with oils from our skin. There will be a bit of our dead skin in there too but not so much.

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