The Ultimate Edition doesn’t change Batman v Superman’s tone or themes, but it undeniably makes Dawn of Justice a better và more coherent movie.

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Batman v Superman
Zaông xã Snyder’s Batman v Superman is a fairly maligned movie and for good reason. Snyder’s vision for DC is rooted in Frank Miller’s interpretation of the universe, especially Batman. Not just that, Snyder’s interpretation of characters lượt thích Batman and Superman rely on the audience already having a pop culture understanding of these characters. 

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Beyond the alienating premise, however, Batman v Superman’s release was plagued by sale that gave sầu away the entire story & a theatrical cut that eliminated roughly half an hour of narrative sầu development. The Ultimate Edition doesn’t change Batman v Superman’s tone or themes, but it undeniably makes Dawn of Justice a better & more coherent movie. 

10 Clark Kent Is An Actual Character Now

Batman v Superman Clark Kent
Arguably the biggest problem in Batman v Superman’s theatrical cut is how much of Clark Kent’s perspective is downplayed compared to Bruce Wayne. Virtually every scene showing Clark as an actual human being interacting with the world around him was cut. These additions make his character in the Ultimate Edition far more palatable. 

Superman isn’t some jaded anh hùng belligerently saving the world. He wants to vì genuine good in a world that fears and hates hlặng. Batman’s crusader against the Man of Steel only amplifies Superman’s own insecurities, all while Lex Luthor runs a smear chiến dịch that quite literally ruins Clark’s life. His struggles and the fact he tries to hold onto lớn some semblance of good in the UE makes his character far more endearing. 

Ben Affleông xã in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
One of the consequences of Clark’s character being downplayed in the theatrical cut is that Batman v Superman seems to take Bruce Wayne’s side in most matters. Superman is a legitimate threat who can’t control his powers as far as Bruce is concerned và Batman’s actions are justified considering how far gone the world is. 

The Ultimate Cut’s added scenes ultimately juxtapose Clark with Bruce, showing just how cruel the latter has become in his age. Shortly before BvS starts, Batman starts branding criminals & outright killing anyone he deems a threat. Bruce goes as far as telling Alfred they’ve always been criminals, which Alfred rightfully points out was never the case. Batman wasn’t always this cruel, but the world changed hyên ổn. 

Batman v Superman brand
It’s worth pointing out that Batman’s cruelty is very much present in the theatrical cut, but the Ultimate Edition makes it clear that his actions are hypocrites at their core. Batman is concerned about Superman’s collateral damage, but he shows no restraint in harming criminals (even when trying lớn rescue Martha). 

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Batman shamelessly kills & no longer sees criminals as humans with families. This all changes after Superman’s death. Bruce realizes how far gone Batman has become and vows lớn found the Justice League in Clark’s honor. Batman’s hypocrisy is also a major reason Clark takes issue with Bruce. For all the damage Superman did in Metropolis, it was only because he was trying to lớn stop Zod. Batman has a genuine bloodlust by comparison. 

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Batman v Superman Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor goes from a joke in the theatrical cut lớn a fascinating reinterpretation of Superman’s archnemesis in the Ultimate Edition. Taking cues from Gene Hackman’s neurotic Lex in Richard Donner’s Superman, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex has a threatening presence in the UE. He pits Superman & Batman against each other masterfully, while most of his eccentricities are better contextualized and as a result more palatable. Batman v Superman’s Lex still lacks the sheer charisma of his comic counterpart, but the Ultimate Edition turns hyên ổn inkhổng lồ a genuine threat for the title characters. 

A massive problem with the theatrical cut is how the Africa Incident is handled. What audiences saw was random mercenaries gunning down people and pinning their deaths on Superman. The Ultimate Edition offers actual context as to lớn why Lois Lane is here and who Jimmy Olsen is, along with fleshing out the killings. The bodies are burned so they resemble victims of Superman’s heat vision. Lex Luthor’s means of framing Clark in the Ultimate Edition makes far more sense than the theatrical cut. 

Lex Luthor orchestrates a bombing in Superman’s presence that he ultimately fails to stop. The incident is meant to make Superman look incompetent, which is masterfully done in the theatrical cut. What should be a harrowing moment is overshadowed by what looks to lớn be a disinterested Superman not paying attention. 

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The Ultimate Edition clarifies that the bomb was encased in lead, which Superman wouldn’t be able lớn see through. More importantly, Clark’s added scenes contextualize his emotionally damaged mental state at this point in the movie. He’s not unfocused, he’s hurt – but he would have sầu stopped the bomb if he could have, as evidenced by him sticking around lớn save sầu any victims. 

One of the greademo benefits of the Ultimate Edition’s extra halfway is that it allows the movie lớn breathe. Batman v Superman is a narrative that lives và dies on its build up. The theatrical cut ultimately rushes through Clark’s half of the buildup, making Dawn of Justice feel lượt thích a Batman movie instead of a clashing of ideologies. 

The extra half hour allows audiences khổng lồ better underst& Clark’s perspective while humanizing Bruce as a tragic fallen hero of sorts. Lex’s presence is also noticeably more commanding and Lois Lane is given added depth which makes her relationship with Clark all the more meaningful. 

Playing off the longer runtime, the extra half hour allows Batman and Superman khổng lồ reach a gradual breaking point by the end of the movie. In the theatrical cut, there’s little feuding their rivalry. This isn’t the case in the Ultimate Edition. Bruce slowly grows concerned with how much damage Superman can potentially vì, with the explosion serving as his breaking point (especially since one of his employees was radicalized against Superman). 

Clark’s investigations inlớn Batman over the course of the movie only make hlặng weary with how cruel Bruce has become with time. Batman outright brands men và sentences them to death, uncaring about the effect this might have sầu on their families. More importantly, the UE makes it clear Superman doesn’t even want lớn fight Batman – he just wants khổng lồ talk. It’s Batman who beats Superman inkhổng lồ a fight. 

Superman’s death in the second installment of the DCEU was always going khổng lồ be a hard sell. Audiences just don’t know him well enough and he has no real relationship with Batman. The Ultimate Edition doesn’t quite fix the premise, but it at least establishes stronger context. Batman v Superman is explicitly about a jaded Batman clashing with an inexperienced Superman. 

Neither character is in their prime và it shows. Batman’s essentially lost all sense of his heroism, a fact that’s hammered in multiple times over the course of the story. Superman’s death is jarringly early, but his sacrifice makes Bruce realize the error of his way: there are genuine heroes in this world. In the over, Superman inspires Batman lớn be a real anh hùng again. 

On that same token, the Ultimate Edition is a better setup for Justice League. Batman is arguably the main character for most of the Snyder Cut, and his arc is a direct continuation of his development in Batman v Superman. Batman’s remorse in ZSJL really only makes sense if you have content from the Ultimate Edition. 

Similarly, Wonder Woman’s presence in the movie is better handled & all the extra scenes with Clark make his return in Justice League so much more impactful (regardless of version). The Mother Boxes and the rest of the League are also hinted at in a more natural manner, although the email scene still stands out as a sore spot in execution. 

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