How to use atomy evening care


Get salon treatment right from your own home. Atomy’s Evening Care 4 phối includes Deep Cleanser, Foam Cleanser, Peeling Gel, and Peel-off Mask.

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It’s made with carefully selected herbs & natural ingredients (like ginseng, ginkgo, carrot extracts, Jade powder and amethyst powder) lớn leave your face clean, silky-smooth, & moisturized throughout the night while treating troubled areas at the same time.

Remove dullness from within deep pores!


Foam Cleanser – the rich lather washes away impurities and dirt in pores.

Squeeze a bit of Foam Cleanser onto the hand; you don’t really need a large amount. Work up lather by rubbing with wet hands, then massage all over face và neck for 2 minutes as well. Just lượt thích when removing makeup, the foam cleanser will be able lớn dislodge any dirt và impurities caught in the pores but working the lather in circular motions all over the face. After that, rinse off thoroughly but gently with warm water. Use every morning and night.

Trouble care:Trichloroacetic acid removes various causes of skin trouble from harmful environmental substances và stress khổng lồ create healthy skin và helps khổng lồ keep a fresh feel for a long time. Glycyrrhetinic acid contents soothe skin troubles & comfort sensitive skin.Rich moisturizing effect:The beta-glucan moisturizing agent prevents tightening of the skin after face wash, while nutrients of Phellinus linteus/vegetable worm extracts make your skin glossy

Peel Off Mask – firms skin and tightens pores.

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Spread the Peel-Off Mask all over the face, avoiding eye area. Applying a thicker layer makes it easier to peel off after, but I don’t think you should go over the đứng top with this. Just make sure all areas are sufficiently covered. Let it dry completely. If you like, you can also sleep with the mask on. Once it’s dry, you start from the chin area và rub the edge of the mask upwards. Once a bit of the mask comes away from the skin, you will be able lớn pull the mask off the rest of the face. Pull upwards.

Energizing care:Jade powder and amethyst powder helps activate the circulation of the skin & restores skin healthFirming effect:With the contraction of pack composite, the opened pores are retightened & skin is liftedTrouble care:Citrus grandis peel extracts and Portulaca extracts calms irritated skin from the environment while glycine derivatives và glycerin calms dried and crumbling skin

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