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Both Altair & Ezio are Assassin"s Creed"s most recognized protagonists. But which of the two was the better assassin?

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5 Reasons Why Altair Is The Best Assassin (& 5 Why It's Ezio)
Assassin"s Creed has become a synonymous part of the pop culture for a while now. One of the highest-grossing franchises in Ubisoft"s arsenal, players get lớn control historical Assassins as they go off to change the course of history. Although things have sầu changed in the series, for better or for worse, the foundations are still present. Two particular Assassin"s have sầu become important lớn the franchise & have become bạn favorites. Altair Ibn La Ahad & Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. However, who is the best between the two?

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Here are the five sầu reasons why Altair is the best assassin in the franchise and five sầu reasons why it"s actually Ezio.

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When Assassin"s Creed originally came out back in 2007, fans were introduced to lớn the first ever playable character, Altair Ibn La Ahad. Even though the character was portrayed as an arrogant & cold person, he learned khổng lồ become more humble as he assassinated more Templars and learned more about their motivations.

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Although he didn"t bring anything groundbreaking lượt thích the other Assassin"s that came after hlặng, what Altair Ibn La Ahad did bởi vì was bring out the fundamental foundations that helped be laid across the series. All the way up to the lakiểm tra entry, there isn"t a single element from those games that weren"t taken from the original Assassin"s Creed.

For many fans, the character that really brought the Assassin"s Creed franchise to life was Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. Unlượt thích the stoic và cold Altair of the previous game, Ezio was a fun-loving albeit hot-tempered character who had plenty of vigour. Thanks to his personality & the progression throughout the games, it brought many new fans inlớn the series and introduced audiences to the Italian Renaissance. Easily having the best games in the franchise.

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Arguably the most impressive sầu thing about Altair Ibn La Ahad is that he achieved his status as a Master Assassin by the time he was in his early 20s. As a result, he is a complete prodigy compared to other Assassins before and after hyên. Easily being one of the most powerful in the franchise. Even Ezio Auditore Da Firenze only became a master assassin by the time he reached his 40s. However, what makes Altair even more impressive sầu is that he became Grvà Master of the order by the kết thúc of the first game.

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Ezio và his father
One of the best things that the writers decide to vì with Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, is allowing players to watch hlặng grow up as a character. From his brash self during the age of 17, players watched hyên as he went from an indecisive sầu novice Assassin to lớn the Mentor of the entire order. Watched hyên as he grew stronger và more skilled with time. As well as bringing down the Italian Templars. It also helps that he changes both physically và appearance wise.

By utilizing the táo khuyết of Eden, Altair was able khổng lồ advance the weaponry of the Assassin order. Advancements that weren"t fully implemented into lớn the public subconscious till centuries after his death. Some of these include a hidden blade that wouldn"t cut out a finger or a hidden pistol. But perhaps his best achievement was creating a suit of armor that Ezio himself later used during his early 40s. The armor of Altair.

One of the most defining moments of Assassin"s Creed 2 was how it is revealed that Ezio is the prophet. A character that is able lớn bridge the knowledge of those that came before lớn Desmond Miles, his eventual descendant. This knowledge has bothered hyên a long time before he finally let go and told Desmond everything by the over of Revelations. This is a role that no other character in Desmond"s line has.

During the last few years of his life, Altair decided to bởi something that would change the Assassin order forever. Rather than stay in the middle east, he believed that the Assassin order should go all over the world & remain hidden amongst the people once more. Similar to how the Hidden Ones were established many centuries prior. This proved to lớn be very fruitful in the long run as they were able to lớn stay out of sight of Templars & history for a long time.

Throughout the games that he has been a part of, Ezio Auditore has single handily took down many Templars from all over the country. For over four decades, Ezio had taken down the corrupt government that"s run by the Templars. By his fifties, Ezio also liberated Constantinople và only stopped as an Assassin to retire và have sầu a family. Even near his death, he helped give solid advice lớn Shao Jun và through training her, she was able to liberate her country from Templar rule.

After a long & harsh life as an Assassin, Altair Ibn La Ahad passed away by his late 90s. Despite losing his wife và son, he lived hard to lớn ensure that the legacy of the Assassin order still remained firm & svào. He made sure lớn maintain wisdom và faith in the order while maintaining something for the future.

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Although Altair himself wasn"t the first Assassin character, he did lay the groundworks for the Assassin"s moving forward & through his memories, was able to help Desmond Miles. Making hyên by far, one of the most important characters in not just the series release, but in the lore as well.

However, unlượt thích his great predecessor, Ezio Auditore went out in a much different way. Desiring for a life away from the Assassin lifestyle, he eventually settled down & married Sofia Sartor. Together, they had a family và lived in the countryside of Tuscany. Seemingly away from the dangerous life that shaped the character.

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After helping out Shao Jun, he was able khổng lồ pass away peacefully just across from where his family died all those years ago. This not only cemented the character as one of the most important people in the series, but it also established hyên ổn as one of the greathử nghiệm Clip game characters ever created.

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